Most professional websites don’t show what anthropologists like to call “messy humans”. This page leans into the messiness and the work in progress of my research, thinking, and writing that is not shown on my github or twitter account.

I am using this page to keep a running list of what I am reading, listening to, and thinking about. The plan is to update it haphazardly, share first drafts and half-baked thoughts.

The foci will lie on energy systems and computer science but might occasionally expand beyond to include other aspects including themes around science and technology studies.

Like a good geriatric millennial, I do not own a tv or a subscription to any video streaming services, but I am a fan of podcasts and mailinglists and will include my favorites here (see below).

I am unsure who might be interested in this information, but thank you for making it all the way to this page and feel free to drop me a line if you have any recommendations, thoughts, comments, or concerns about being human or this messy page.