IPMU Friday Seminar - Measuring H_0 with strong lenses

Slides are here.


\(H_0\) is one of the critical cosmological parameters, but recently a mismatch of the measured \(H_0\) between distant universe (Planck) and the local universe (GAIA) has been found. Therefore, additional independent approaches for measuring H0 are required to understand the problem. Strong lensing systems with multiple lensed various objects provide a unique way to measure H0, but the line-of-sight effects due to seconadry lenses on the constraint of \(H_0\) needs to be understood, especially in the era of LSST, which will reveal thousands of strong lensed various objects. In this talk, I present some results by adopting semi-analytic light-cones based the Out Rim Simulation to implement multiple lens plane ray-tracing simulations, of 1000 double and 400 quadruple lensing systems for the scenarious with and without line-of-sight halos.